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List of the best sports websites such as sports streaming sites, sports gambling sites, sports photography websites.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports - Fantasy sports make people feel more connected to their favorite sport, team and players. People can pick any players they wish to join their fantasy team, which will perform according to how the real players perform during te season. Playing fantasy sports is something fun to do while bored.

Fanduel - As fantasy sports are becoming more and more popular on the internet, so are daily fantasy sports. Daily fantasy sports are the new fast and easy way to play fantasy sports. The difference is that daily fantasy sports leagues last just one day and they can be played for real money. Some top players at Fanduel won over $200000. The sports available at Fanduel are football, baseball, basketball and hockey.

Draftday - Another site where you can play daily fantasy sports for money. This is a new concept that can offer instant gratification, whereas classic fantasy sports usually take a whole season or championship to finish and to find out where your team ranked. Draftday supports NFL and NBA championships.

ESPN3 - One of the best sports streaming sites, but is only available free of cost to fans with subscriptions to ESPN partnering internet service providers. Some of the events streamed live are: NBA regular season and playoffs, college football and basketball, Euro 2012 Soccer, all 4 Grand Slam tennis events.

Sports Illustrated - one of the top sports photography websites. The Sports Illustrated magazine appears every week and has a very large reader base.

Crossfit - Crossfit is a community of people who like to keep fit using variated workouts. These are very tough exercises, such as carying heavy weights or moving tractor tires. Everyday the "workout of the day" is posted on the site so people from around the world can do it.



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