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Extreme Skater - Show off your sick moves in Extreme Skater! Choose your skater dude and earn points by pulling off stunts like skips, jumps, and flips. Skate through rugged terrain, scaling mountains, jumping trees, and flying over jagged rocks. Score points to earn money you can use to beef up your gear and your bag of slick tricks.

I can has Cheezburger? - this is one of the cool websites when bored because it is full of funny pictures of cats, accompanied by witty texts. Good just to provide some lulz, or to make a point to someone by pointing them to a meaningful picture!

The Daily What - Need to get rid of boredom fast? The Daily What comes to resque! Check The Daily What where you'll find new entertaining pics and vids everyday! Guaranteed you'll not be bored anymore after looking at this site. Caution: it's very addictive! - Celeb gossip. Nuff said. If this is your thing, it'll cheer you up for sure! Again lots of funny pics that will give you something fun to do when bored.

Reddit - a site that will help you discover web pages, photos and videos based on your interests. Surely here you'll find something fun to do when bored.

Flixter - Do you like movies? If so, here is what to do when bored. Trailers of the movies that are about to hit the theatres, movie reviews, trivia and games to play when your bored.

Free Allegiance - Looking for fun games to play when bored? Check out Allegiance, a very nice and dynamic space game that will entertain you for sure.

Funny Exam Answers - Here's some other cool stuff on the internet. This site shares hilarious answers that some kids gave during their exams, as well as some replies from the teachers.

FML - Dont know what to do when bored? Read stories about funny/hilarious/sad/creepy things that happened to the people who share them at FMyLife. These stories themes are love, money, work etc.



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