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This is a list of cool websites on the internet. On this page there are the coolest websites across all the categories of our site so they are really cool websites. Check back often because we are adding cool new websites every week! And help us improve this site by suggesting cool websites to visit using the button above, thank you :)

Encyclopedia Dramatica - an encyclopedia of internet memes and culture. A sort of an evil twin brother of Wikipedia, written in a brash and offensive style, ED is not necessarily an unbiased or even readable source of information, but it also distilles the culture surrounding memes and internet humor in all its unapologetic, hateful, dramatic, anti-everything glory.

Wikipedia - a collaborative encyclopedia, which covers mostly anything and everything - the community of travellers who prefer to stay in the homes of local people rather than in hotels. Meet people from all over the world who will happily host you when you are travelling, or offer your couch to travellers from around the world who will tell you their stories. This website is cool because here you can find free accomodation even in expensive cities like London and Paris! - it's an intelligent search engine. Given a query it actually tries to solve it. - interested about the world of the future? Here's one of the coolest places where you can read about it. It's a blog with many awesome articles with topics from outerspace to antiaging. - a super popular image board where anyone can post comments and share images. There are boards dedicated to a variety of topics, from Japanese anime and culture to music, photography and videogames. It is pretty much uncensored, making it pretty cool!

Dominion - browser based strategy game. No need to download anything and can be played anytime. A round lasts 50 days, so everyone has a chance to win it.



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